How our full-service approach bolstered this local bakery

“You just can’t beat their service! Anything I need, I just ask, then I turn around, and it’s done!” – Emma, owner of Emma’s Bakery

Having cultivated a really strong working relationship with Emma over the last 5-6 years means a lot to both parties. It means that we’ve been able to meet Emma wherever she is in business and help fuel her growth to the next step, and the next, and the next!

A true workhorse, Emma is on deck daily during the wee hours of the morning, so when the bakery needs food labels, a website to order online, marketing, signage – anything, Emma has the faith and trust in us that we can deliver functional solutions quickly and affordably, so their business doesn’t miss a beat.

There are very few disciplines in our services that we haven’t provided for Emma over the years:

We’re so proud of everything Emma’s Bakery has achieved, everything on the horizon, and above all, we’re honored they chose us and continue to choose us to help them do it. So the next time you pick up a pack of Emma’s baked goods, you’re supporting local in more ways than one – we print THOUSANDS of those labels right here in our Ballarat studio each week!

If you’re looking for support and solutions that will help do some of the heavy lifting in your business, reach out for a chat! We’d love nothing more than to help you fuel your business!