Seizure Alert Australia

Seizure Alert Australia is a fast-growing national healthcare company based in Ballarat that required a creative agency to deliver a new level of professional promotional presence to reflect and communicate that growth.

Gasoline Media’s team designed a brand new corporate logo and style, eCommerce capable website, delivered digital and traditional promotional material.

When taking into account their new corporate identity, the colour purple was a must since it’s the internationally recognised colour for epilepsy awareness. The visual representation of Seizure Alert Australia also had to be clean enough to sit in a landscape of medical technology.

Arriving at a creative conclusion we successfully designed a visual solution to communicate who and what Seizure Alert Australia is, and the digital infrastructure to enable people to engage them.

Assisting Seizure Alert with ongoing media solutions and promotion has resulted in an exciting recent expansion into New Zealand!

Head to their website to view our handiwork here: