Eureka Lending Rebrand

Rebrand package of logo and branding, graphic design, business cards, flyers, folders, radio advertising and social media marketing.

Ballarat business Eureka Lending thought the perfect time for a rebrand was when they moved to their new location!

Rebrand: Logo and Branding

For the rebrand, Eureka Lending wished to maintain the star element from the original logo. Knowing the logo was going to be used across the building and car signage, stationery, web, digital, social and more,

Graphic Design: Stationery, Signage, Social Media Marketing

Creating brand continuity for Eureka Lending across multiple mediums came in the form of using certain elements like the 2 colours — blue and gold — and the angle from the primary logo. A custom suite of icons was created in the brand style to communicate the service pillars of the business on the printed collateral.

Business Cards

The business cards capitalised on the graphic design elements by utilising the brand fonts, colours and custom icons. The cards were printed in a velvet finish on heavy card stock for a luxurious feel consistent with the brand personality.


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